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Thanks to
Taylor Stitch and Muttonhead for the product shots used in this demo. Below are their company philosophies in their own words:

"Taylor Stitch makes clothes that transition seamlessly throughout your day. Whether you're hopping on the bike, running the kids to school, heading into the office, or meeting for drinks, you shouldn't have to think about what you're wearing. Your clothes should fit well and function simply. Looking great and feeling confident every day should be accessible to everyone."

"Muttonhead clothing is suitable for all ages and genders. Our garments are manufactured sustainably in Toronto, Canada. We see value in local manufacturing, and seek to educate others on its importance. We fully control quality and guarantee fair trade practices. Our focus is "slow design", a counter movement to "fast fashion". By choosing slow design our products are able to outlast trends. We value comfort and know the importance of high quality, durable fabrics. We seek to make fair-trade clothing accessible to everyone. Keepin' it local since 2009."